Webdesign At Its Finest!

So navigating websites is hard. So is creating one.

The website Opera is a good tool for beginners and can be most useful for me because the operating system is on all the computers in the communication department. It is easily accessible to me so I can better familiarize myself with it.

If CA 260 was taught entirely online, it might be a lot easier. If we had the system (How Intro to Computer Applications teaches their class) where a program can be downloaded onto the computer and the teacher could take over the computer to teach. Show different techniques and let us practice it right after. Intro to Computer Applications was fairly for this very reason. I am a hands on learner so if you physically show me what to do, it makes it easier for me to pick it up.

Check out these different websites and blogs below that could help you build and navigate websites.

Happy Blogging!



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