Seeing What Emails You Want!

Sorting and seeing what emails you want is easier than you think. Creating filters in your email is a way to send incoming emails to specific folders to make your inbox easier to maintain.

In your Gmail at the top where your search bar is, you’re going to type in what you want your filter to contain. After doing so you’re going to click on the drop down arrow at the end of the search bar. In the bottom right hand corner you’re going to click the “Create Filter With This Search” button. You’re going to click the “Apply the label” option and name your folder what ever you want. When you’re done, you’re going to click “Create Filter” and a folder with appear on the left hand side of the screen under all of your other folders.

This feature makes it easier to organized a very busy mailbox. With this feature you are able to differentiate the promotion email from the important emails.

Happy Blogging!


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