So What Exactly Is A Natural Hair Guru?

Guru New

I am a natural hair guru (along with the help of my best friend).

What is natural hair you ask? Natural hair is hair that has not been chemically processed to be deterred from its natural state.

I have been natural since 2011. I have colored my natural hair blue, off brown and a dark magenta. Ever since I cut my hair, I have been trying different products to try to find whats best for my hair. Trying different oils and creams can be tiresome and can knock a dent in your wallet. To reduce this, follow the signs. Does your hair constantly dry out after applying products? When trying new hair styles, does your hair fall flat? Try using thicker products that your hair can instantly drink up.

Another way to product search is through . People do reviews all the time on products that you may want to try but aren’t very sure of. Finding someone one youtube whop has the same hair type as you can be easier than you think. Most of the time they have their contact information on there so you can personally ask them questions.

Embracing your natural hair is just as easy as 1 2 3. Go product searching and happy blogging!


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