Writing A Blog Isn’t Always Easy!

Its hard to follow the “Dos and Donts” of blogging especially if you’re really passionate and have a lot to say.  One thing I struggle with is keeping my word count low. And in our case we have to keep it at 250 words and under. But the one thing that does help me stay on track is the word counter in the bottom right hand corner. It keeps my words low and keeps me on track.

A don’t that is equally hard for everyone is getting straight to the point. Don’t add extra sentences that you don’t need. The extra “Fluff” when trying to make everything seem important. I’m learning to get straight to the point.

In Broadcast Journalism you have to get straight to the point because if you take too long you can lose viewers. And losing viewers means losing ratings. Its easy to pull them in with the headline and then when they stick around for the 11 p.m.news because of that, you can get straight to the point. You can give the “Meat and Potatoes” that they waited on.

Each week, my blog posts will develop more and more including examples, personal experiences, and images to help my audience understand what kind of person I am and what kind topics I will write about.

Happy Blogging!


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