Welcome To My Blog!

My name is Victoria Nicole Walker and I am a Senior at the University of South Alabama working to achieve a degree in Communications with a main focus in Broadcast Journalism while also focusing on Sociology. But when I’m not working on my degree I am selling clothes as Lead Cashier at American Eagle Outfitters !

In my opinion, the purpose of blog is to inform people of a broad topic that you as the writer know well enough to describe in subtopics so people can understand. Whether it be from personal testimonies or facts.

A blog can be beneficial to someone in my field because it gives an employer a little bit of personal information about the potential employee and its an interactive resume. Someone in my field could use a blog to showcase their work whether it be photography or videography.

One of the main blogs that I follow is a college student by the name of Bri hall but on youtube she is also known as Smartista Beauty! She is a beauty blogger who focuses on 3 main subtopics: Makeup, Fashion, and a Healthy lifestyle. I will leave her youtube link below just in case anyone wants to visit her page for some insight.


Happy Blogging!


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